Travel Questions No. 5 – Have You Ever Seen a Ghost on Vacation?


Las Vegas Eats – La Comida

La Comida is one of my favorite places to eat downtown. It’s one of the many themed bars in the downtown area, but the Latino/Catholic décor does more than act as a gimmick to draw customers in. La Comida is a little piece of Mexico off the Strip, and it’s a place I highly recommend anyone go to if they are in that part of town.


La Comida can be hard to find at first, but once you get your first glimpse of the neon pink monkey hanging from the side of its building you’ll know you’ve found the right place. A statue of the Virgin Mary Greets you as you walk in, with colorful stringed lights lighting your path inside. The bar is dimly-lit inside, and has an open space outside for dining as well. The bar area is spacious, and has a swing on the very end. I’ve never had an issue getting a seat at the bar, except for on holidays.


La Comida’s signature is their margaritas. The drinks are reasonably priced; the most expensive drink on the tequila menu is 17.00 and there’s a wide selection of margaritas to choose from. The drinks come in mason jars, so don’t expect any yard-long drinks there. The food menu is admittedly limited, but the choices that are on the menu are satisfying. My favorite appetizer is the nachos; it looks like a small dish but I promise you won’t be able to finish them alone. The food is reasonably priced for being downtown, but

La Comida may not be the best bar in the downtown area, but it’s definitely one of the coolest. It’s a nice place to stop in for food if you’re bar hopping, or after seeing the Fremont Street Experience. It’s within walking distance of the Commonwealth, Downtown Cocktail Bar, The Griffin, Beauty Bar Las Vegas and the world famous Heart Attack Grill.

Things to Do in Vegas: Go to Fright Dome


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And here I was, thinking American Dad made Krampus up this entire time…

Halloween is coming close upon us, and it means that haunted houses are popping up all over town. Haunted houses in general can be a hit or miss, but Fright Dome is always a homerun. I’m not just saying that because I love scary movies, haunted houses, dressing up and all that – I’m saying this because it’s awesome. If you’re going to be in Vegas this Halloween and need something to do, I highly recommend checking out the Fright Dome.

Fright Dome is consistently rated as one of the top haunted house attractions in the country, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it is never the same. Every year there are new attractions, new houses, and new shows to see. General admission starts around 36.95, and the VIP prices start at 99.95. You can find 5$ off coupons for Fright Dome online, or in certain retail and food establishments (like Albertson’s or Del Taco) but that is only helpful if you buy the tickets in person. Otherwise, I think the ticket prices are pretty fair for the amount of stuff you get to see and the houses you walk through.

If you’re going on a weekend, keep in mind that Fright Dome is in a…less than savory…part of town. Fright Dome takes place inside Circus Circus, which is located at the Northern end of the Strip. I haven’t had any bad experiences there, but I still advise general safety precautions: park in a well-lit area, be aware of your surroundings, and don’t walk around with your mask on.



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Haunted Hot Spots No. 1 – The Whaley House


It is now October: the month of ghosts, goblins, dropping temperatures, and pumpkin spice. I decided during October I would focus on the places I’ve been or want to be in that have a spooky reputation on my blog. Ghosts and haunted motels have fascinated me for years, especially since I saw the movie 1408. I have yet to meet any kind of spirit in my own adventures, but I wanted to start this blog series with the creepiest place I’ve been: The Whaley House.

The Whaley House doesn’t appear menacing, unlike the Overlook Hotel or Mrs. Bates’ mansion. Located in San Diego’s Historic District, the Whaley House is an official historic landmark. The two-story house was first occupied by Thomas Whaley and his family, a wealthy New York businessman and the original architect of the house. At one point, it was the sight of San Diego’s first theater, and the county courthouse. Before the house’s construction, it had been the sight of numerous public hangings. Some say the spirits of those unfortunate souls still roam the property, unable to move on from the site of their deaths.

I went during the spring of last year, and the day that I bought my tickets to tour the museum was not a busy one. The staff is friendly and helpful, and Costumed docents greet you at almost every corner of the Whaley House when you walk in, ready and happy to answer any questions you might have. I took the printout they give you when you purchase tickets and followed the prompts through each room; I would have preferred an audio guide to eliminate the amount of time I spent reading, but the information they provided was complete enough to satisfy me.

They don’t offer guided tours during the day, so you will be free to roam the house at your leisure. If you decide to go at night, there are only guided tours. If you decide you want to do a ghost hunting tour, be sure to buy your tickets well in advance. The ghost tours happen after hours, and the last time for a night guided tour is 9:30 p.m. Since I went during the day I can’t comment on those tours, but I can say: with as creepy as the house is during the day, I can only imagine what it is like at night.

If you decide to tour the house on your own, it will take about an hour and a half to make it through every room in the house, including the courtroom. Guided tours take about half the time without interruptions. Ticket prices range from eight to thirteen dollars for adults for the daytime and nighttime tours; children under the age of 5 are only allowed to tour the Whaley House during the day.

The area of the house I found the spookiest was the second floor. I don’t know if it was just the way the house would settle, if the floor boards were uneven or if I was just imagining things, but I felt…something on the second floor. I didn’t see anything move or any spirits, but as I walked through the upstairs hallway I felt cold and anxious. I don’t know what it was, and I’d like to think I was imagining things…but you never know.



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