My time in Club Z (also known as Zombie Burlesque)

zbWhen you live in Las Vegas, you get used to seeing really weird shit, especially on the Strip. Nothing down there surprises me anymore, from the cosplayers in pasties, the performers that randomly overtake street corners, or the men that try like hell to pass their “Call for a Good Time” cards out to anyone with a pair of hands. Zombie Burlesque, on the other hand, shocked me and in a very good way. Located inside Planet Hollywood, Zombie Burlesque takes its guests on a raucous, ninety-minute ride of sexy fun with a splash of the macabre. I’ve never been to a burlesque show before, but Zombie Burlesque had me laughing and awed from the moment we took our seats.

Set in in 1958, Zombie Burlesque takes its audience back in time, when the dead have overrun the government. The only way to maintain peace with the flesh-eating creatures is to give up the worst of our worst, and according to the Zombies at Club Z, it’s a situation that works out just fine. Zenoch, the club’s host, warmly welcomes all of the living and takes every chance he gets to interact with the audience. Throughout the night, you’ll witness zombie acrobats, zombie singers, zombie contortionists, and a zombie drag comedian with a knack for caricatures and puppets.

If you’re not big on audience participation, I highly recommend sitting in the middle or back of the theater. The V Theater is relatively small, so it won’t affect your view of the performances. However, if you want to get a good seat, I suggest arriving early since there are no assigned seats for this production. The first two rows are reserved for “VIP” guests, but other than that the rest of the theater is up for grabs.

This show is definitely not for children. I doubt anyone would want to take their children to see anything with the word “burlesque” in it, but just in case you were thinking your teenager might be ok with it, I would advise against it. There’s no full-on nudity (as far as I’ve seen), but it’s still a bit too spicy for the young ones to see.

If you like The Walking Dead, The Evil Dead, The Night of the Living Dead, The Burning Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Rocky Horror or anything made by John Waters, you will love this show. So next time you’re in Vegas, stop by Planet Hollywood and check them out. You won’t regret it.