Tips for Getting Around Las Vegas – A Series

Hello again! I decided that I want to do a little mini-series of posts on tips for getting around my hometown. These will be things from easiest travel routes, places to eat, things to avoid, etc. There’s a lot of free/cheap things to do around the city that a lot of people might not know about, or places I think that are interesting that don’t necessarily make it to people’s “top” things to do in Las Vegas.

The first post is dedicated to driving down on the Strip. I hate driving on the Strip; it’s always busy, pedestrians don’t adhere to the traffic signals, people don’t know where they are going so they drive erratically and it’s impossible to pull into a casino’s entrance unless you want to valet your vehicle.  Instead, I used backstreets – Koval Lane, to be exact.

koval Map

Koval Lane runs the same direction as Las Vegas Boulevard, and is located on the eastern side of the Strip. It was once famous for being the street where Tupac got shot on, and it’s not one I would normally recommend walking up and down at night by yourself. But if you’re driving and looking for a way to get to hotels like MGM, the Venetian, the LINQ, Mandalay Bay, the Flamingo – Koval will be your best friend. The lights are slow on Koval, and the speed limit is 35 miles an hour, but it’s so much faster than relying on the stop and go flow of the Strip.

Till next time!



My Night at the Mizpah

Back in December, I went to the Mizpah Hotel for a brief stay. It was one of the places that is on my “haunted” bucket list (I will link my post from my previous blog), and it’s only a few hours away from home. I took my dogs with me and we hit the road, hoping to see a little snow and maybe a few ghosts.  We ended up seeing some snow; we weren’t quite so lucky when it came to the ghosts.

The Mizpah has not lost any of its vintage charm. The renovations the hotel has gone through have remained true to the style of the day, and has also managed to remain one of the slickest building on Tonopah’s main street. When I walked in I felt like I stepped back in time, which I think lends itself to the lore contained inside the hotel walls. The newest feature of the hotel is the magnetic key cards which I have to admit I was a little disappointed about.

I almost didn’t get a chance to stay – their policy (although not expressly stated anywhere I could find on their website) is only 2 pets per room, and I have three. The owner was kind enough to allow us though, I think since we were only staying for one night. The front desk staff was very friendly, and offered to help me cart my troupe and my luggage to my room; the receptionist even offered to bring me ice if she wasn’t busy. I’ve never experienced that before at a hotel, and I live in the capital of hotels.


After I checked in, I went exploring.  I took the stairs to each floor of the hotel, just to look around. I wasn’t necessarily expecting a ghost to just jump out at me and say hi, but I wanted to get a better feel for the hotel as a whole. Also, I was a little scared the Lady in Red would whisper in my ear when I wasn’t expecting it.  The Lady in Red is the resident ghost of the Mizpah, a former lady of the night who was murdered by a jilted lover. She supposedly haunts the elevator and the room she died in, and unfortunately the room she died in was not available that night. She also favors men from what I’ve read, so I had the odds stacked against me.

20151227_200957(1) 20151228_095646

The first thing I noticed as I took the stairs was that there was no music playing. The only sound I could hear as I came around each corner was the creaky sound of my footsteps. There was also a rather large statue between the fourth and fifth floor that I found creepy; it reminded me of the statues in Wes Craven’s film Wishmaster that came to life and killed a bunch of people. On each floor they had a little reading nook set up; I recognized none of the titles at any of them, but I thought it was charming.


I made it all the way to the top of the floor, and unfortunately, found no ghosts. They do have rooms with brief histories about the people who stayed in them. I did experience some strange sensations, and my dogs didn’t like being in the room (one of them even peed on me), but I am sad to report I found no ghosts.

20151227_154215 20151227_154539

Have you ever been to the Mizpah Hotel? If so what did you think of it?


See you next time!